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Why should you choose Australian Aviation Finance for your business finance?

We understand small to medium size business. Most finance brokerages are simply Mortgage Brokers who do a bit of equipment finance on the side and occasionally come across a client who needs to finance an aircraft.

Australian Aviation Finance take a totally different view of financing and our responsibility in obtaining finance for clients.  We will take an overview view of all your lending and suggest the best way to fund your purchase. We won’t simply fill out an application and submit that to a lender. We will present a business case for financing your purchase. We take an overall view of what your business does and how you do it.

Many aviation businesses have multiple income streams such as performing aircraft maintenance, flight training, fire spotting, and charter work. We’ll put all these parts of your business together in an application that a credit assessor can judge on its merits.

Whether it’s funding an aircraft, updating equipment or replacing that old vehicle, it all starts with a phone call. Get in touch for a no obligation 10 minute chat to see what we can do to assist you.

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