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Business Use Aircraft

Let us keep your business flying

Personal Use Aircraft

Your weekend’s just became an adventure.

Avionics & Engines

Don’t let that timed out engine keep you grounded.

Sheds and Hangers

Keep your pride and joy out of the Aussie sun.​

Vehicle Loans

You’ve got the aircraft, now you need the vehicle.

Equipment Finance

If it has a serial number there’s a good chance we can finance it!​

A good pilot is always ahead of the aircraft!

It’s no secret that obtaining Aircraft Finance approval can be challenging. In the current lending environment Banks and lenders are becoming more risk averse as time progresses. It doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s where Australian Aviation Finance get involved. In most cases it’s simply a matter of getting the “Ducks” lined up prior to submitting any finance application. 

Australian Aviation Finance are not your standard finance broker that does Aviation leases on the side, quite the opposite. We love taking to aviation businesses, enthusiasts and professionals. We are not just here to do Aircraft finance.

For businesses, we will have a look at your overall financial position and recommend the best way to secure the funding and move your business forward.   

Ready to take off? Get in touch with one of our experts to talk about getting finance!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Our initial discussion will be around who you are, what you do and what type of asset would you like to fund. Initially we have a brief chat regarding the proposed scenario. If it looks like we can assist, we can then start the process of collection paperwork and obtaining finance quotes.

Apart from income verification we’ll need ID documents as well as evidence of assets and liabilities. If required, we may conduct a credit history check prior to submitting and application to a lender.

You will need to have a 2 year ABN/ACN and provide full financials. Full financials mean company returns, personal returns and personal ATO notices of assessment. You may also need to provide updated ATO Portal statement showing your BAS statements are up to date and paid in full. Please contact our finance specialists to discuss in full.

2 recent payslips, an employment contract and ATO Portal statement will generally be all that’s required.

That depends on you. We cannot submit an application to a lender without the relevant paperwork. The sooner you supply the required info, the sooner you will have your approval. Our finance specialists will supply you with a tailored paperwork list.

Not necessarily but having one certainly helps. Lenders love to mitigate risk and one way of doing this is asking a borrower to put in some sort of deposit. As a rule lenders like to see 20% deposit. We are always happy to request a no deposit loan but be aware that is not always possible

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