Equipment Finance

Why should you choose Australian Aviation Finance for your equipment finance?

If it has a serial number there’s a pretty good chance we can finance it.

Have you been considering an avionics upgrade or need new equipment? Let Australian Aviation Finance help.

We work with major lenders to provide options for all avionics upgrades and equipment purchases.

When you call to speak with us about your options, be prepared to discuss project budget and scope of work. We will also need a budget estimate from your avionics shop or supplier of choice.  We can help you find financing for your upgrade and will work with you to make your monthly payments lower and more manageable than you might think.

We can even help you secure financing for an engine overhaul. Please call and speak to one of our loan specialists today.

Having the right equipment is the main driver for all small businesses. Having the right finance is where you start. We have lenders for nearly every scenario. Get in touch with Australian Aviation Finance.

We're proactive.

It’s very easy for a lender to say no or to put your deal into the “too hard” basket. In a lot of cases it’s not the asset the lender is backing but you as the business owner. We will pitch you and your business directly to the loan assessor.

We're on your side.

We have no allegiance to any lender. What works for one person may not work for another. We’ll determine which lender is most likely to approve you loan application based on your personal or business circumstances.

We care

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Access to dozens of lenders.

We have access to lenders you’ve never heard of who will look at your deal on its merits. It's not always the “big 4”.

A great rate

We guarantee we’ll source the best rate available for the finance you’re after. Will it be the cheapest? Who knows. That depends on a range of factors. Give us a call and have a chat. 

Ready to take flight?

If you're ready to get your aircraft, equipment or business off the ground, simply fill out our contact form or you can get in touch with us right now.

Call Michael "Macca" McDonough on 0422 373 752 for a confidential chat.